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"Mr. JB"

8pm. Is it too early to get ready for bed? No…it’s not. Grinning from ear to ear I take my newly blended concoction to the bathroom.

After a glorious shower, I dip my fingers into the whipped wonder and begin to slather myself in its all natural glory. My skin hungrily drinks it in…where it yearns for more, I happily apply. It’s as if I have been swimming in silk. My skin is supple and soft to the touch. I urge you to buy this shea butter and experience the ecstasy for yourself. Peace, love, and Melanin Magic!!!

- JB

Carol Hinckle

A MUST HAVE in your daily regiment!!  I have never had a body cream the keeps me moisturized and provides Healing to my Skin ALL DAY!!!


Estella J

Great Products.  Soaps lather very well. I will never use store bought soaps on my face ever again. My face has been been so soft and revitalized!!

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